Coffee capsules – Pera Break (Lavazza Espresso Point® compatible)

The capsules are compatible with machines with the LAVAZZA ESPRESSO POINT® system and do not replace the original capsules made by Luigi Lavazza S.p.A. The Lavazza brand name is not owned by TORREFATTORI ASSOCIATI S.p.A. or by companies connected to it. The ESPRESSO POINT® system is owned by Lavazza®. There is no direct or indirect connection between TORREFATTORI ASSOCIATI S.p.A. and Lavazza®. The compatibility of the Pera capsules is functional for use in Lavazza ESPRESSO POINT® machines and does not replace the use of original capsules produced by Lavazza®.

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Dolce Aroma blend

Blend of the best arabica and robusta coffees with a sweet taste and a rich aroma. Aromatic cup with a trace of fine acidity, hints of toasted bread, fruity and spicy notes and intense cocoa aroma. Strong cocoa aftertaste that reminds of dark chocolate.


  • 40% Arabica
  • 60% Robusta

Intensity 4


CremaBar blend

A blend with bold character and strong personality. Ideal for lovers of full and rounded taste. Cup full of body and strong sensations, sweet, with lightly spiced notes. Full aftertaste with a persistent aroma of coffee and cocoa notes.


  • 80% Arabica
  • 20% Robusta

Intensity 3