Minimum order 3 boxes of 96 capsules Each box contains 6 packd of 16 capsules

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Minimum Order 3 Boxes of 96 : *

About this product

Espresso Classico

A dark, yet balanced classic espresso, this blend has notes of roasted nuts and honey with a gentle bitterness and generous sweet chocolate finish

Blend: 70% Robusta (Uganda and Vietnam) 30% Arabica (Santos)


A real Italian Hot Chocolate drink, rich and creamy in taste.



Sugar, Low fat cocoa powder, Milk semi skimmed powder, Potato starch, Salt

Latte - Milk only

A milk only capsule to make a serving of hot creamy frothy milk.

Ideal for adding in a shot of your favourite espresso for a latte coffee, or gingerbread latte (simply add in 2 tablespoons of gingerbread-flavoured syrup in a coffee mug, combined with an espresso coffee)

You can also add to a hot chocolate mix to make a fabulous creamy drink.


Milk powder, Sugar 17%


Each Box contains 3 packs of espresso and 3 packs of milk (48 drinks)

An espresso-based drink, of Italian origin, typically made with 1/3 espresso, 1/3 steamed milk, and 1/3 wet foamed milk.

These Cappuccino capsules have a rich and bold taste, as any espresso would, but made milder by the milk


Whole milk powder, sugar, semi-skimmed milk powder, instant coffee, low fat cocoa powder, salt

Cortados are coffee made with equal parts steamed milk and espresso.

Essentially a cortado is smooth whilst a flat white is more velvety and thicker.

Each pack produces 16 delicious 200ml drinks

Expiry 2024

Contains milk and dairy products

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