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About this product

FORTE - Dark Roast

Intense in flavour and body, a strong blend

Forte makes an espresso with a robust and creamy character, full of contrasting flavours that make it unique.

Best before 06/2025


 CLASSICO - Dark Roast

Classico makes a delicate espresso thanks to the spicy aromas of India plantations.

Best Before 6/2025


 ARABICA - Dark Roast

The dense and compact cream from hazelnut reflects in this blend of Arabica,

enhanced by the scent of the caramel tones and a subtle hint of cocoa.

Best Before 10/2025


Decaffeinated - Dark Roast

The perfect combination of Arabica aromatic richness and strong roasted robusta,

which offers a rich taste and strong decaffeinated espresso.

Best Before 05/2025