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About this product


Balanced blend made with the best Arabica & Robusta beans, with a delicate taste & an aftertaste of intense aroma

50% Arabica/50% Robusta

Best Before: 04/2024



A balanced & persistent density. The pasty acidity is enriched with delicate touches of cream, toasted almonds & caramel

20% Arabica/80% Robusta

Best Before: 04/2024



A triumph of aromas with the finest coffees in the world. Extraordinarily versatile in any type of extraction, it releases floral scents & hints of citrus peels that dissolve in aromatic herb aromas

70% Arabica/30% Robusta

Best Before: 05/2024



A blend with abundant body & almost absent acidity. Excellent for espresso & Cappuccino

10% Arabica/90% Robusta

Best Before: 04/2024