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About this product

Dolce Aroma blend:

A blend of the best arabica and robusta with a sweet taste and a rich aroma.

Aromatic with a trace of fine acidity, hints of toasted bread, fruity spicy notes and intense cocoa aroma. Strong cocoa aftertaste of dark chocolate.
40% Arabica / 60% Robusta
Strength - Intensity 6

Crema Bar blend:

A blend with a bold character and strong personality with a full of body and strong sensations,

Sweet with lightly spiced notes and a full aftertaste with a persistent aroma of coffee and cocoa notes.
80% Arabica / 20% Robusta
Strength - Intensity 5

Intenso Aroma blend:

Blend of the best arabica and robusta coffees with a strong taste and a rich aroma.

Full body and very creamy medium roast
Arabica 15% / Robusta 85%
Strength - Intensity 9

Decaffeinated blend:

A balanced blend of the best arabica and robusta coffees, with very low caffeine content (<0.10%).

Ideal to satisfy your desire of espresso without exceeding consumption of caffeine. Aromatic flavour which preserves cream, body and taste of natural coffee. Delicate and pleasing aftertaste

50% Arabica / 50% Robusta
Strength - Intensity 3

Best Before: 2024

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